Oct 22

Binaural head

I was walking past Radio Rentals in Eltham High Street one Saturday and saw these in the window. I couldn't believe it. I went right in and asked them to put them by for me. 

We recorded both third door from the left concerts with them. 

I also recorded some bands at Acklam Hall (?) at a Here & Noe concert with them although the tapes were given to the bands without my taking a copy. 

Oct 21

WASP Synthesizer

My first synth was a Wasp as pictured. I had read about them and one day when walking down Tottenham Court Road with Jim Ross, a friend from school, we walked past Throbbing Gristle. I had just read a cover article about them in Sounds or NME and we stopped them and asked for autographs, which they happily did, signing the back of a Wasp brochure.
That was 1979.
I saw them at Centro Iberico shortly afterwards and my life was changed forever. I took this plastic marvel on the Fuck Off Records tour Christmas 1979 where I joined The Entire Cosmos one night and another night we played as Those Nice Women Who Care (with members of the other bands on tour) singing improvised Christmas carols as I recall.

Oct 20

Hofner Bass

I bought this after I saw Mal of Cabaret Voltaire playing one, and I saw this in a used music store locally.

I liked the sound, although I never tried another style of bass, so really can't compare. It was poorly balanced though, as the body was hollow and the neck solid, so when I let it go, the body would swing up and whack me in the face! Cheap, but it got the job done!

I used this for all of the bass in Third Door From The Left and we be echo until it was (presumably) sold around 1989.

Oct 19

Roland Chorus Space Echo

I bought this from Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle, a great use of my college grant money I think!

This was a beautiful piece of equipment and my first "pro gear". It was highly manipulable and could produce amazing sounds - listen to "Under Attack" by Third Door From The Left for a good example.

Oct 18

1960's Tape Echo

I bought this from Mark Perry of ATV, it was a great little echo. I got rid of it when I bought the Space Echo. I can't remember much about it other than it has a cloth outer. Mark can't remember selling it to me, our even owning it!

im not sure the image is correct, but it's similar.