Oct 17

Boss DR Rhythm DR55

Bought in a great music store in London, just down the road from the Hipgnosis studios as I recall.

it was our first drum machine and although very basic, it produced a decent sound. If you ever saw The Door and The Window live, you may have heard mine as I sometimes lent it to them.

Oct 16

Roland Dr Drumatrix TR-606

Can't recall using this at all,  but I do remember owning one!

Oct 15


just a cheap copy

Oct 14

Casio Drum Machine

similar to the one in this photo, a great machine with nice sounds, and the ability to record a sound and use that as part of the rhythm. I used this for tracks such as "I Dance In Circles"

Oct 13

Fostex Cassette Recorder

Amazing - a cassette recorder that used the left and right tracks form both sides of the tape to record in 4 tracks. Purchased towards the end of the first wave of we be echo, I used this for tracks such as "I Dance In Circles".