Do you remember those garage pyche comps from the seventies, Nuggets (compiled by that hideous long hair from the awful Patti Smith Group,Lenny Kaye), which featured a load of american bands doing impressions of British invasion bands and/or Bob Dylan?

Well, if there was a similar series featuring bands doing impressions of the big industrial bands, called maybe "Blood Clots", We Be Echo would be included.

They/he sounds like a lost attic tape of Cabaret Voltaire, even down to an almost note perfect rip of the Western Mantra called "It Was You".

Like Nuggets, this is no bad thing, because you've heard the originals so many times, you crave another release from the original artist that you have never heard before.

We Be Echo sounds exactly like Cabaret Voltaire circa "The Voice Of America" album, and how we wish the Cabs always sounded like this, and never went Disco.

We Be Echo evolved out of "Third Door From The Left" (featured very soon on this Blog) who sounded exactly like Throbbing Gristle; they'd be on "Blood Clots" too!

I think I may compile this series, its a good idea me thinks.

Many thanks to P.J. for this great tape.


Track Listing:


Punish You

No Going Back

Death Row

A New Day

I'm A Gambler

It Was You


Dirty Harry

Survivalists II


This Hour's Mine

I Want

Got You


House Ov Punishment



You can download the tape here