Dec 10

Cover song

Finished the first edit of a new song. My first ever cover song as we be echo. It was very nervewracking recording a version of a song that I love, trying to do it justice while making it my own. Some task!

I am very self conscious about my vocals, only liking a couple that I have recorded. I’ve listened to this edit many times at low and high volume and am still not sure about the vocals. they are what I wanted I think but still......

This is for a tribute and fundraising album for Genesis P-Orridge. 

Aug 22

Do Easy

Here's one that almost got away - I found it on Youtube. Circumcise the Foreskin Of Your Heart (Do Easy, 1983) contains one we be echo track: Soma Improvement, but there are lots of other good tracks on it.


Apr 20

Flowmotion and college

I was listening to Can's Flowmotion album while walking Amy this evening and it reminded me of the last day (I think) of my one year PPITB (Print and Publishing Industry Training Board) course at the London College of Print when the teacher asked us all to bring in our favourite album and choose a track to play. Well it was around 1977 and others brought in the usual dross: chart shit, soul shit, trite formula rock, all crap. I brought in Flowmotion and bravely told the teacher to put on any track. He played "And More" and no one got it. No one. It's still an amazing track and a huge influence on webeecho' sound. The binaural remaster is excellent, you should go buy it now if you don't already have it!

Flow Motion (Remastered) by Can (iTunes link)


Mar 5

LOST (first rough mix)

Here's a new binaural track in first mix format - needs tidying up and a little remixing, changing up some vocals maybe. Thought you might like to listen to it as it is now though (free download at soundcloud)

Feb 4

New songs available on Bandcamp

We've been busy bunnies the past few days and have uploaded a bunch of new songs to bandcamp including our latest dance-track-with-a-difference, "Open The Gates", recorded in binaural sound. 

Check it out at bandcamp today! 

Listen Loud!

bandcamp tracks

These digitized albums are available from our Bandcamp page: