Flowmotion and college

I was listening to Can's Flowmotion album while walking Amy this evening and it reminded me of the last day (I think) of my one year PPITB (Print and Publishing Industry Training Board) course at the London College of Print when the teacher asked us all to bring in our favourite album and choose a track to play. Well it was around 1977 and others brought in the usual dross: chart shit, soul shit, trite formula rock, all crap. I brought in Flowmotion and bravely told the teacher to put on any track. He played "And More" and no one got it. No one. It's still an amazing track and a huge influence on webeecho' sound. The binaural remaster is excellent, you should go buy it now if you don't already have it!

Flow Motion (Remastered) by Can (iTunes link)


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