Nov 12

New first mix available to stream

Check out my songs on ReverbNation too. I just uploaded a new first mix of "Think You're A big Shot" there, and there are already some great rocking tracks available for streaming!

Check out 'Think You're A Big Shot' by we be echo

Nov 4

Psychick Kontakts

Just found this Psychick Kontakts cassette online. Click here to go to the site. Thanks to Lawrence Burton for the upload  


Oct 30

Hey Sleep, Where Are You Now

Woken up by something around 2:30, same as other recent nights. Open windows, a car starting and warming up. Amy growling at something on tv. She protects us from all dogs, horses, and frizzy haired women on tv, what a great guard dog. 

I was looking through my iPhone photos and saw the one attached to this post. I had forgotten about this lovely laid back track. I will work on it in the next few days and get it up on my first mix SoundCloud page. 

Don't want to go into the studio now,I know I'd be there for hours and there would definitely be no more sleep tonight. There's no going down there for five minutes. It sucks up time, that room. 

Oct 29

Two songs available on SoundCloud now

I'm having great fun working with vocalists, finding that my music goes in very different ways with them.

I've uploaded two new songs to SoundCloud for your listening displeasure:

And The Rain Fell

this is an emotional song, starting softly with beautiful glissando guitar, synth and storm off in the distance, then a deep bass rhythm washes in bringing with it some guitar and synth. 


Beautiful Lies

this track eases In with synth and guitar with a quiet bass that sound like it might be taking you to a dark place, then suddenly a strong driving beat divebombs you and it just gets stronger and more hypnotizing from there. Dirty guitar sounds build up and up into a frenzy of beats. 


Listen at:




Oct 22

Binaural recordings?

Does anyone have any ambient binaural recordings? Nature, cities etc. 

if you have and would be willing to send me a copy for possible use in we be echo tracks in return for a credit, that would be amazing. 

Click here to go to my contact form



bandcamp tracks

These digitized albums are available from our Bandcamp page: