Jan 27

New mix of Falling available

A quirky beat starts, then the bass roars in and it builds from there. Get yer retro dancing shoes on! As always, for best results, listen at full volume with headphones on. A more subtle binaural effect than previous songs, but it still gives the music a wider feel.

*** A remix with a horn section is sounding great over at bandcamp: click here to visit

Dec 17

Great idea for iPad users

At first glance it seemed too weird to be true but looking at the looping gif in the link below, it seems that you can control the foot pedals on the iPad screen via "cables" that somehow adhere to the screen. Pretty amazing. 

Click here to see more.

Dec 14

Binaurally Yours

Just finished the first mix of a new song, "Under My Skin", with the amazing Anno on vocals. This is my first foray into binaural sound for we be echo. I had a binaural dummy head in the 80's but only recorded the two Third Door From the Left concerts with it and a Here & Now concert (Aklam Hall?). 

To get the benefits of the binaural recording, listen LOUD with headphones. 

Click here to listen on Soundcloud

Nov 29

"Sexuality" to be on vinyl version of CTTNF

Seems a double vinyl LP version of Close To The Noise Floor will be released Record Store Day 2017. I'm happy to say "sexuality" by webeecho will be on it. More details when I get them.

Nov 24

A Darker Path

Just finished a second mix of this track. It's almost there, just have to tidy up some sync and it'll be ready. 

Some bits really remind me of Third Door from The Left and early we be echo, 

i love the build up and the hypnotic end section, and the guitar work is great as usual (thanks echobot)  

Check it out under the Listen/SoundCloud final mixes menu. 

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