Aug 16


My New Album I S O L A T I O N is now available from my bandcamp page - along with my ep MELTING DARKNESS (this was issued used my name rather than we be echo as I felt it was different enough to warrant a totally separate release).

Also available from is a double CD of the album and ep - released as a limited edition of 23.

Apr 10

The Misanthrope

This is the second of my new albums - and is available form my bandcamp page and as a CD from

Oct 3


You can now order your own DARKNESS IS HOME CD complete with additional bonus track - the original 12 minute mix of All The Colours!

Click here to buy now


Oct 1

No more iTunes etc

I've removed my product from iTunes and all streaming mediums.

You can purchase the limited edition re-release of Ceza Evi on cassette here (while edition lasts):

You can purchase a download of it here:

You can purchase the Special Edition here (feature Genesis P-Orridge and iHam on tibetan thigh-bone trumpet on "Inside Life's Wire):


Hearing Voices will be added here too.




Thanks for your understanding!

Aug 12

Ceza Evi released as a limited edition cassette

I've released CEZA EVI as a limited edition cassette - it comes with two covers and two sets of labels - the old style and an updated style. This is a one time numbered edition of 23. I can't re-release later because the master tape is now encased in a solid foam brick and it won't come out without breaking it!

Order from

bandcamp tracks

These digitized albums are available from our Bandcamp page: