Under Different Skies

New release available through iTunes and other online stores (amazon, spotify etc). This was a different one for me – vocalists inspiring different sounds, songs evolving as they were recording, it took on a life of its own as I sporadically recorded over the past few years as time, schedules, availability and inspiration allowed. Moods, methods, time of day, weather, health, all influenced the results to some degree or another. Again, as with we be echo since the very beginning, things clicked and we went with it - often, as in recording with Third Door From The Left and we be echo, things synched up perfectly the first time and were never quite repeatable - this happens less now with digital recording, but it still does; I drag a vocal track, a sound, a found recording etc into the timeline and it's there, in the perfect place without me having to think about it, it just happens.

I really like all the songs on this, and still regularly listen to all of them - they're made to be listened to LOUD. I hope you enjoy them. Next out is a compilation of songs with my vocals on from 1980-2009. Then maybe some previously unreleased tracks - if anyone's interested in releasing them on vinyl, let me know!

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