Oct 21

Close To The Noise Floor - compilation (2016)

Formative UK Electronica 1975 - 1984. I am honoured to be included on this amazing compilation not once, but twice – as we be echo (Sexuality), and Third Door From The Left (In The Room). (As an FYI: The physical CD version has more tracks than the downloadable version)


Jan 1

AMAZING (2011)

This is a huge compilation album raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society and the Cancer wing of my local hospital - 121 tracks by 111 artists. Music of all types. There are a couple of LivingWithAnAngel tracks plus the first Third Door FromThe Left track in over 30 years (an exclusive)


Jan 1

Then There's Love (2010)

"Then There's Love" is an unusual song for Kevin, being a light, poppy song with vocals. Kevin's recording career began in the cassette culture scene of late 1970's England. Kevin ran cassetteculture, a site dedicated to these pioneers of independent music from its inception until 2014. He began recording after becoming friends with Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire, and for several years their music and philosophy influenced Kevins music in varying degrees as he recorded with Third-Door-From-The-Left and later on his own as we-be-echo. 


Jan 1

Ghost Trap (OST)

Original Sound Track to the kids movie Ghost Trap, a Skylight Films production. This was great fun to be a part of, as Skjylight Films movies always are. Creating the soundtrack was a wonderful experience and gave me the chance to take risks I'd not otherwise have tried.


Jan 1

Ceza Evi Unleashed & Revisited (2009)

A compilation of the of best we be echo, released in 2009 in a limited edition of 143 copies with a special numbered handmade cover. Now available with a slightly different track listing on CDBaby and iTunes.


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